The connectLCS add-on makes it convenient for an adjuster or claims representative to initiate a new request in ClaimCenter. Our partnership with Guidewire allows our team to streamline the record retrieval process that is secure, easy to use, and efficient.  connectLCS allows you to order, obtain and view records quicker and better than ever before.

At LCS Record Retrieval there is no limit to the value we provide our clients.  We build strong, genuine relationships with a focus set on making our clients’ work life easier. By truly knowing our clients and the industry, we are able to anticipate their needs and cater our service delivery around the way in which they work. We can save our clients further cost by retrieving their requested records with exceptional speed and accuracy.


  • Low touch claims handling
  • Enjoy a simplified process by prefilling claims information, providing immediate status updates, and instantaneous access to records, including films and DICOM images.
  • With the click of a button, clients can share films with an IME or expert witness, approve/deny facilities fees if they exceed the approved threshold, close or reopen a job, and much more
  • Our dedicated Client Service Representatives follow up on outstanding record requests each week until records are received.
  • Receive records in chronological order, indexed, or summarized for easy review.
  • Images, photographs, and other media types can quickly and easily be accessed from anywhere through Guidewire ClaimsCenter
  • connectLCS will help speed up and simplify the process from order entry to records received.

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