Our integration with Litify makes it easy for our clients to use their favorite software systems alongside LCS.

Using your current Litify account, users are able to start a new request, check real-time status reports, download records, pay invoices, and more without ever leaving Litify.


  • When using our Litify integration, you can enjoy a simplified process with prefilled case information making it easy to initiate a new request for records.
  • Easily check the status of your request, view and download records, approve/deny facilities fees if they exceed the approved threshold, close or reopen a job, and much more all within Litify’s platform.
  • Your dedicated Client Service Representatives will follow up on all outstanding record requests weekly until records are received.
  • Receive records in chronological order, indexed, or summarized for easy review.
  • Images, photographs, and other media types can quickly and easily be accessed, reviewed, and shared.
  • Share records and films right from within Litify and Docrio with the click of a button.
  • No additional costs or fees.
  • Our integration will help speed up and simplify the process from order entry to records received.

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