What We Do

Legal Copy Services (LCS) provides fast and cost-effective solutions for your record retrieval needs. Our unique focus on personalized service allows us to consistently provide client satisfaction that is above and beyond our competition. When using Legal Copy Services, you will be provided with a dedicated team who will serve you with integrity and a tireless work ethic to retrieve your records quickly. We gauge our success by your satisfaction.

  • Record retrieval in all 50 states
  • Assigned Client Services Representative
  • Secure HIPAA compliant authorizations
  • Supply notice of subpoena to all counsels according to state specific requirements
  • Weekly follow up to obtain signed authorizations and records
  • Extensive facility research allows us to get records fast and efficiently
  • Customized billing options based on customer preference
  • Record retrieval for civil, federal, workers compensation, and pre-trial
  • Add new features and reports to our Client Portal based on client feedback

Online Services

We invest heavily in technology and have an expansive facility database that allows us to get records faster and more efficiently. Our user-friendly and secure Client Portal makes it easy to submit requests, check the current status of requests, and allows access to documents.

  • Submit new requests, save progress of “in-process” requests
  • Check status of requests by viewing our detailed follow up notes
  • Upload case documentation and authorizations
  • Print facility-specific authorizations for one request or the entire case
  • Add additional facilities to existing cases
  • Access records in a word-searchable PDF document
  • Run reports regarding the status of records requests as needed

Legal Copy Services’ principal goal is to make our clients lives easier by eliminating the headaches involved in obtaining, copying, and digitizing records. Our dedication to personalized service allows us to produce records in the format you need.

  • Records can be page numbered and presented bound or unbound, with 2-hole punch, top center, or 3-hole punch configurations
  • Electronic records are offered in PDF format and are available through our Client Portal or on CD
  • Records are OCR-captured allowing users access to word-searchable records
  • X-rays converted to CD/DVD
  • Blueprint duplication
  • Video and Audio duplication

Privacy and HIPAA compliance are top priorities at LCS. Federal privacy regulations regarding health information require that additional steps are taken to protect against unauthorized, inappropriate use, and/or disclosure of personal health information obtained on our client’s behalf. As a result, all of our forms, procedures, and policies are updated to ensure full compliance with HIPAA regulations.